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God has blessed me with such an incredible group of ambitious, faith-filled, successful women to mentor and coach.  They make my life more meaningful and purposeful!  When I give them my heart and soul, I am fulfilled beyond what anyone could imagine!   Mary Kay stretches me and has caused me to be more and more of the woman that God created me to be for His purpose.  I can only imagine what the rest of my journey in this incredible Christian Company will be like! 

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Previous Career:   Retail Management

Began Business in Nov., 1987

Earned 1st Company Car in Oct, 1989 and am in my 14th car, a beautiful pink SRX Cadillac

Became a Sales Director in June, 1992

Earned 3 Top Director Trips including Maui and San Fransisco and Maui again.

Earned the Circle of Excellence and Queen’s Court of Sales.

Started My Business for the Security/Income but love the Self Improvement course it proves and the Freedom/Flexibility!

God Given Gifts:  Leader, Relatable, and Fun.

Loves include:  Children, Nature, Springtime Air and Smells, Exercising, Cooking and Decorating.

Favorite Feeling:  Peace

Favorite Quote:  Life pushes you in the direction that you make up your mind to take it.  Kathy Helou

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